Blogmas Day 19 – Winter Skincare Routine!!


It’s been a long time since I shared my skincare routine with you guys, I think I only ever did one when I began blogging. Throughout the year my skin condition varies and I’m sure many of you can relate. I have dry skin which tends to be worse in the cold winter days so I have to keep on top of it to make sure my skin stays hydrated and clear, especially when I am wearing makeup on a daily basis!

So first of all at the end of the day I begin removing my makeup with… wait for it… makeup wipes! I use about 2 wipes, with the first one I wipe my eye makeup off and the second one is used to wipe of my foundation and face layers. I don’t use any specific wipes they are usually the ones from Primark!

Next I grab some cotton pads and my Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. After using the wipes I wouldn’t think there was any makeup left on my face but it’s shocking how much more comes of with the micellar water! It is definitely a makeup removing essential and it’s lasted me for months now! It is amazing at removing makeup and I highly recommend it.

After removing all my makeup I rinse my face and then use my Dermol Shower Emollient. This was prescribed to me by the doctor as a substitute for soap as soap will dry my skin out more as I have eczema but it can also be purchased from a pharmacy. I apply a small amount to the centre of my hand then rub it between my hands and massage it into my face. I then rinse my face again and wash away the face wash.

I have mentioned the Aveeno Moisturizer many times before, this is my holy grail moisturizer! Again I get this on prescription but it can be purchased from boots, superdrug etc. It is such a hydrating moisturizer! I apply it before bed and always in the morning before doing my makeup, ensuring my skin is hydrated!

Once applying the aveeno I will pop on a lip product. I am currently using Cherry Blossom Lypsyl which I received in my Bloggers Review box. I have been loving this ever since I received it, it is very hydrating on the lips!

Let  me know in the comments one of your skincare essentials that you use everyday! Oh and I apologize for the quality of the photograph!




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