Blogmas Day 18 – Life Goals!!


The new year is right round the corner, people are beginning to plan their new years resolutions although some don’t even think about the new year until after Christmas and don’t even think about a resolution until we are in the new year! This person is often myself. There are many resolutions and goals people have, dieting/loosing weight, working harder, learning something new, travelling and many more! Only the future can hold what we will achieve but there is no harm in setting out some goals to have something to work towards, it’s probably the best way to make beneficial changes in your life.

If you read my blogmas post yesterday you will have seen that I did my Blogging Goals for 2016 so today I would like to share with you my goals for 2016! There are a few things I set out to achieve in 2015 and 99% of them failed but I feel 2016 will be my year and hopefully I will achieve new things!!

1. YouTube round 2!

I am hoping to perhaps start YouTube again! I miss not just filming but also vlogging! I hope to re-start my channel next year!

2. Get fit!

It’s been a while since I’ve worked out and I know ‘getting fit’ or ‘dieting’ is a cliche new years resolution but one of my goals is to get more fit next year and perhaps start working out regularly again or join the gym!

3. Be more confident!

I have been told several times in the past week by various people that I need to be more confident and now I think about it I actually don’t have very much confidence which cause more problems when I am in new situations with new people, when I did NCS in the summer I felt that improved my confidence but in the past month or 2 it’s just gone downhill again so hopefully I can work on that!

4. Make a difference!

I want to do some form or work to help out the less fortunate such as raising money for charity, I am currently a charity ambassador so hopefully I’ll pick up some skills and I can get fundraising for a charity og my choice!

5. Pass my driving test!

I am beginning driving lessons hopefully in January so I hope to pass my driving lessons next year and even begin driving!

6. Save up!

I suck at saving money, There is so much high end makeup I dream of owning but I can’t as I spend my wage as soon as I receive it! However I have started a second job recently so hopefully I might try to do better with saving up next year as I will actually have a regular job!

7. Be Happy!

I can be quite a pessimist at times, although those who know me would describe me as bubbly, fun to be around and loud I can be quite harsh on my self and get down quite often so I need to start focusing on being positive and being happy!

8. Pass my AS exams!

I sit my AS exams next summer, well if I haven’t dropped out of college before then! I really hope to achieve good grades or at least pass them!

9. Grow my makeup collection!

I wish I could own every product from every brand. That clearly isn’t possible however I would like to grow my makeup collection next year and add some more high end stuff, really venture out and try new things This goal works alongside the save up one, I want to perhaps buy a monthly mac lipstick, £15 for a different shade once a month shouldn’t damage my bank account too much! Hopefully I will plan something to allow myself to purchase some more makeup!

10. Be organized!

Sometimes I get to a point where various aspects of my life are all at demanding points such as college work and blogging for example so next year I want to be more organized, keep ahead of myself and plan a lot that why I will have less overwhelming stress to deal with and I’ll be happier overall!

Those are my 10 life goals for 2016! Let me know in the comments one thing you would like to achieve next year!



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