Blogmas Day 17 – 2016 Blogging Goals!!


It’s getting closer and closer to the end of blogmas, I’m surprised I’ve managed to keep it up this far! I’m am actually rather proud of myself because I thought I would have got stressed over it and would have given it up but I’ve been quite enjoying it! I have been blogging for around 10 months now and I’m surprised with how far I’ve come, an overall following across 4 social media platforms of 2,200+, For me it’s not all about the numbers however it’s crazy to know that over 2,000 people enjoy my content and how I’ve gained that following in just 10 months! It gets  me excited to where I could be within the blogging community this time next year! In order to ensure I work hard with my blog next year and onwards I have set myself some blogging targets for 2016 which I would like to share with you guys!

1. Be more consistent!

I have had phases this year which I am sure every blogger will be familiar with, where I have lacked ideas, creativity and the motivation to blog leading to my posts become inconsistent, especially since I started college. In order to make sure this doesn’t happen next year I am going to always plan ahead, doing blogmas had made me realize how less stressful blogging is if I plan ahead! So I shall do that and I will use some of my college free periods to blog too! I am also planning to do a monthly blogger interview which I already have a few people for but there are a few places left, there will be 12 in total so if your interested then just send me an email!

2. Stop being a silent reader

This one isn’t for my blog it’s about how I approach other blogs, I read so many blogs yet never often leave feedback so next year I am going to try and be less of a silent reader and leave some lovely feedback for fellow bloggers!

3. Be more creative

This one links in with my first goal, in order to be more creative I need to plan ahead and think outside of the box! I want to try and be more original with my content which can be difficult when my blog is mainly beauty focused but it is my goal to find a way to be unique!

4. Go self hosted and buy a web design!

I have come across so many great web designs in the past month which I need to be self hosted to use! I’ve also had so many dead ends due to not being self hosted such as not being able to use a rafflecopter on my blog and just having to include a link on my giveaway which sucks as I am a perfectionist and want my blog looking as professional as I can and that does not help! So hopefully next year as I now have 2 jobs I shall try to save up a bit to be able to go self hosted and then search for a nice web design for my blog!

5. Get a better camera

One thing that frustrates me the most is when I am ready to put a post together but I can’t get any pictures I feel are good enough or professional enough to put in the post which gets me quite behind and it takes me longer to get a post done than usual. Next year I hope to invest in a better camera, hopefully the Olympus Pen E-PL7 which looks gorgeous in white and gold I love how retro it looks and from seeing the quality of photographs it can produce I am definitely saving up for this next year!

I think I shall leave it at those 5 goals for now, of course there are many other things I want to achieve with my blog but I like to keep it realistic and somewhat achievable so hopefully I will achieve these 5 goals before I set out to achieve anymore! Thank you to everyone who reads my posts, gives me feedback and follows me on any of my social media platforms, your support means the world!

Until tomorrow my lovelies!



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