Blogmas day 16 – How I Wrap Christmas Gifts!!


Hey guys! The amount of stress towards doing this post is unreal, I don’t mean to moan as I am really enjoying doing blogmas and I am managing it better than I thought but I’m usually in college until 4pm where it starts going dark so I don’t have a lot of daylight time to capture photographs in natural day light for my blog and I can be a bit of a perfectionist so I don’t feel happy with my posts if I haven’t managed to include some photographs, therefore rather than a step to step present wrapping post I have just included a picture of the final outcome and how I wrapped my presents this year!

First of all I have strayed from the typical wrapping paper this year as I was browsing around the Card Factory and preferred the pretty patterns on tissue wrapping paper than general wrapping paper so I picked up 2 different tissue wrapping paper packets which were only 99p each and there are plenty of sheets in each of them too! I was hesitant at first as one of the gifts I had to wrap was in a black box and the wrapping paper I had chosen was gold with silver snowflakes on so I picked up a black with silver small stars on it tissue paper so I could double up the layers however I didn’t end up needing the black tissue paper as the other tissue paper was not see through! It was just like wrapping paper except it was prettier, easier to wrap with and will be easier to unwrap as you can rip it open from any point rather than only where the sellotape meets!

Another way I chose to make my presents look more appealing was to use silver string and stick on Christmas bows! I wrapped the string around the middle of both sides so it looked like the presents you see made by elves in Christmas films or the presents in childrens’ Christmas colouring pictures! Then I stuck a Christmas bow in the centre if the present was square or for a rectangular shaped present I would alter the string slight so they meet near a corner and stick the bows there. Whatever you think looks best!

I definitely think you should opt for patterned Christmassy tissue paper rather than wrapping paper this year! I don’t see myself ever going back to using basic wrapping paper!

Let me know in the comments what your favourite way to wrap Christmas presents is!



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