*Blogmas Day 14 – The Press Tent Review Box!!


Hey guys! So If you read yesterdays’ post then you’ll know that I attended the amazing Pres Tent Blogger Bazaar at the end of November! After the event I was lucky enough to receive this bloggers review box full of products from various companies that I would like to share with you in this post. First of all you guys know how much I love good packaging and the word good would be an understatement to describe this packaging! The paper bow on the front of the box is so cute! And I love how sturdy the box is, I could reuse it as storage once I’ve used the products!


First of all is this Honey and Propolis Cream Cleanser from Bee Good…

Next is the Proper Corn Smooth Peanut & Almond, in my honest opinion these are not for me, purely because I’m not too keen on peanut flavoured things or almonds however I am certain if you are a lover of those flavours you will definitely enjoy this bag of flavoured popcorn as they are quite flavoursome at an alternative to your regular toffee, salt or sweet popcorn!

And I received a cute bag of sweets from Type The Hype, a platform for bloggers, so thank you to you guys for that cute gift! You can never be too old to get excited over a bag of sweets!


Next is the Peanut Hottie Peanut Butter Flavoured Hot Drink, as I said previously I am not a lover of peanut butter flavoured things however I quite like this! It smelt rather nice too! It’s not something I would drink regularly but it is definitely a nice hot drink I would have every so often!

I also received a Christmas Mess chocolate tray from the lovely people at Hotel Chocolate. These tasted delicious! They would make a perfect Christmas gift or stocking filler, very festive and you guys know how much I love festivity! A great treat for any chocoholic!

I absolutely love a So…? spray! I have previously used their perfumes and body sprays so I was very happy to see a familiar brand in the review box! I received their So…? Wild Perfumed Body Spray it smells amazing and I definitely love it! I should be working with So…? quite soon so look out for that! Such a lovely brand!


I was so amazed by the Halo Deodorant Wipes, I never knew deodorant wipes were a thing until I received these and then found similar products online. They are so compatible and perfect to just chuck into your handbag when your on the go rather than needing to get a bottle of deodorant spray out. It is also great for people like me that may feel awkward spraying deodorant in public toilets because of the noise they make, instead you can just use these wipes!

Although I don’t have nails this Get Polish Nailed london in the gorgeous shade Rosie fortescue is such a lovely shade! I would love to paint this on my nails if I grew them or put some falsies on!

The Cherry Blossom Lypsyl Lip Blam has become a handbag essential ever since I got this! It is perfect for this time of the year when chapped lips are more common, it smells amazing although it doesn’t taste too great haha! But it is a very good lip balm!

I couldn’t use the Nerd Wax as I do not wear glasses however my sister does! Nerd wax has similar package to a chap stick, it is super compact and easy to pop in and out of your bag. It is used to prevent your glasses from slipping off, you just apply a little bit to the part of your glasses that sits on your nose and voila! My sister used it and is now keeping it as her glasses did not budge and she loved it! So if you have problems with your glasses constantly slipping down then you must definitely get some of this! It could also make a good stocking filler for someone who wears glasses!

All in all I loved everything in this review box! Thank you to all the lovely brand who gifted their products in the box!

I’ll post again tomorrow lovelies! I’m half way through blogmas already woohoo!!




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