Blogmas Day 13 – The Present Tent Bloggers Event!!

On the final day of November I attended my first bloggers event! I took my best friend along with me and met many new bloggers there! Everyone was so friendly, I got my makeup done by the lovely girls at Cake Cosmetics, I got a card with my face drawn on it by the lovely Dom from Dom&Ink, he is an amazing illustrator and a very funny and friendly person who was extremely funny! It was such a great event, I really enjoyed my first bloggers event and look forward to more to come! I took some pictures of the night which I would like to share with you guys!


It was an amazing night! There were some amazing brands showcasing the night such as, What Emma Did Boutique, she was so lovely and is also a blogger! , Catwalk Killa, Rock On Ruby who has some amazing cards that they worked with Dom&Ink to create! Hidden Treasure, Depop, Cake Cosmetics and many more!

Connecting with other bloggers and brands was a great experience, listening to their inspirational start up stories especially from Emma’s Boutique and Cake Cosmetics! My favourite was Dom&Ink, he is very talented! Hearing his story about he began illustrating and receiving his support in me becoming a makeup artist! I hope to one day do makeup as well as he does illustrations!

Thank you to The Press Tent for inviting me to the lovely event I had such a good time! Keep an eye out for another post featuring a review box I was lucky enough to receive at the event!



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