Blogmas Day 12 – Winter Wind Down!!

We all have various pamper routines which we alter throughout the year to suite the season or the condition of our skin in different seasons. Others, such as myself, may need occasional pamper sessions frequently at certain parts of the year that become stressful but the majority of the time we all just love a good pamper! In this blog post I’m going to talk to you guys about what I like to do to wind down this winter and perhaps it may give you guys some ideas of ways to pamper and products to use!

First of all I ran myself a bath. If you know me well enough can you guess what bath products I used? That’s right! Lush! First of all I crumbled the remaining piece of the Rose Jam Bubbleroon and then I took my super cute Peeping Santa Bubble Bar (So Festive!) and I took the top of his hat of and crumbled that into the bath too! Then I ran the water and swirled my hand in the water making sure all of the crumbled bubble bars became bubbles!

Next, because I like my bath to be super bubbly and don’t get me wrong, a little goes a long way with Lush but I wanted to use more products making a bath cocktail kinda thing, mixing various scents! I ran the peeping santa bubble bar under the running water for a few seconds and then did the same with my Magic Wand Bubble Bar! My bath smelt absolutely amazing!


And if that wasn’t enough luxurious scents in the bathroom I decided to light some candles too! I used my Christmas Treats Scented Yankee Candle (still festive!) This smells so sweet, cosy and Christmassy!

I then switched off the bathroom light so that the candle was the only light I had and put my headphones in and listened to some music whilst I browsed social media, no worries, no work, no revision, no stress. The perfect way to wind down!



After I got out of the bath I used the sample of Soap and Glory The Righteous Butter I received from the gorgeous glory girls when they were in the Manchester Arndale! It was only a small sample size but I reckon I will be purchasing the full sized tub as it was so hydrating which is beneficial as I have dry skin.

And that is how I like to wind down this winter! Let me know one of your winter wind down essentials in the comments!

I’ll post again tomorrow!



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