Blogmas Day 11 – Gift Guide For Him!!

Hey guys! So just the other day I did a Gift Guide For Her and now I have created a Gift Guide For Him, If you’re unsure of what to get your son, brother, father or partner for Christmas then this blog post is for you! I must say it was quite difficult compared to a gift guide for her where you can simply select girly makeup, skincare, bath products etc whereas with guys it’s much more difficult to find items other than aftershave sets. Nonetheless I have managed to find a few items all under £10 that could make a good Christmas present for a guy!

First of all is these 3 lovely products from Primark!

The Tubed Sweets would make a great present or stocking filler for any guy, not just a young brother or son but I’m pretty sure there is no age limit to be a sweet lover! They would also make a good stocking filler and are just £3!

Now I’m not sure if it’s just a thing in my house but both my dad and brother always seem to have odd socks or socks with holes in them unlike the females in the house so I don’t know if this is a guy thing but a new pack of socks would be a good present for Christmas so they have a fresh new set for 2016! There are 3 different colours for just £6

Another great gift, especially for the younger ones who struggle to save their pennies! A Digital Coin Counter! This is great as it’s not one of the typical money saving tins, this one counts how much you put into it so you know how much exactly you have! A great gift for £6!


The next item can be found at the lovely store Superdrug! It’s the safest option if you’re not sure what to get! This is the Lynx Black Duo fro £2.50! Bargain price if your on low budget to gift a friend or your still young but want to get your big brother something for Christmas!


Superdrug also do this Mini Table Tennis for just £3! It would make a great gift for those into sports and could lead to a fun game after the morning of unwrapping presents!


If you know someone who loves their hot drinks then either of these presents would be great! There is the Twinning’s Tea Selection and the Starbucks Dusting Set! The Twinning’s tea selection includes a variety of flavoured and unflavoured tea’s and herbal infusions! Including Twinning’s Cranberry and Raspberry tea bag, Twinning’s English breakfast tea bag, Twinning’s Earl Grey tea bag and many more! With the Starbucks dusting set you can make your hot drinks far more tasty by sprinkling one of the 4 flavours and sprinkling some powder onto your hot chocolate or coffee! The 4 flavours are nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla and chocolate! If that sounds like something you know someone will enjoy then it would make a great gift for them! Both of these items are £10 from boots!






Some more items from boots are the Snowflake Touchscreen Gloves! Perfect for this time of the year for someone who needs some gloves but is constantly on their phone, they won’t have to remove their gloves to use their phone and they look great! For £6.50 these would make a great gift or stocking filler!

Now the Original Miracle Melting Snowman Is the perfect gift for a young boy! Perhaps a son/nephew/ brother. They can make the snowman with the white putty then place the eyes, hat, nose, scarf and arms on it then watch it melt and build it all over again! Sounds like fun right?! This can be purchased for £6!

That is my gift guide for him complete! I hope I have helped out those of you unsure of what presents to purchase and if you need some advice on what to get for a female click here to see my gift guide for her!



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