Blogmas Day 4 – Christmas Jumpers!!

Not just in this festive month but also perhaps since early November as Christmas clothing entered the stores among these christmassy collections are everyone’s favourites… CHRISTMAS JUMPERS!! There is such a large variety from the traditional Christmas patterns of snowflakes and holly to more modern looks like Christmas Puns or Frozen themed with quotes from the movie! So for this blog post I have browsed a couple of stores and selected 4 Christmas jumpers that I think are must have’s from Christmas 2015! Or maybe they could make a cute gift for a friend or family member! There is a traditional on modern Christmas jumper for men and women!

First of all is this traditional Christmas jumper from Primark! These are both from the Women’s Clothing section. First of all is the Light Up Sleigh Scene Christmas Jumper! It has Santa and his Rudolph on it! This jumper is just £18!! And the other Jumper is more modern but super cute! I love the monkey emoji’s and this jumper puts Santa hats on them! It’s adorable! I will definitely be picking this up on my next Primark trip! The Grey Monkey Christmas Jumper is just £14!!

Next is men’s Christmas Jumpers! I don’t normally do men’s fashion on my blog but I thought I would make an exception for Christmas Jumpers as they are something both men and women wear! So first of all is the more traditional patterned Navy Stag Fairisle Knitted Jumper for just £15, I really like the pattern and colours on this jumper. Then for a less traditional patterned jumper is the Elf jumper that has “#ELFIE” on it which I guess is a pun for “#SELFIE” and I love how the elf on the jumper appears to be taking a selfie! This Navy Elfie Christmas Jumper is £14 and both these jumpers are also from Primark!

Hope I helped out those who are on the hunt for some festive jumpers! Let me know in the comments whether you prefer the traditional patterned jumpers or the more modern ones!

Until tomorrow!!




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