Blogmas Day 2 – Movie Favourites!!

Hey guys!!

soooo…. being consistent so far! (not like this is only my second post…) haha! Anyway it is day 2 of blogmas and I am back with another post! We all have our favourite selection of films, some we watch all year round and some are perhaps seasonal so by the time you’ve finished reading this you may want to get into some christmassy pyjamas, warm bed socks and grab a tasty hot chocolate so you can snuggle up in blankets and indulge in a fine selection of your favourite Christmas films once you’ve seen mine!

So in this blog post you will find out my top 3 all time Christmas Favourite Films!!


First of all is one everybody loves…


This movie is absolutely hilarious and if you haven’t watch it I definitely think you should! I love how funny the story line is and the way the main character buddy acts when he goes from being an elf in the North Pole to living in New York city and having to work in a store where a little romance blossoms! I don’t want to spoil it for anyone that hasn’t seen it so I’ll leave it at that, my all time number 1 Christmas film!!


For my second all time Christmas movie fave it is..



This animated, silent movie is amazing and puts me in such a Christmassy mood!! I love how even though none of the characters speak the story is told through the actions and music it’s so magical! A snowman comes to life!! This is definitely a must watch though I’m sure you have probably already seen it!


Last but not least is my 3rd favourite Christmas film…


I absolutely love love love The Grinch!! It’s such a funny film about a scrooge like character who despises Christmas and a cute young girl who tries to fill him with Christmas spirit!! If I explain more about this film I will probably spoil it so I will leave it there but again I am certain it is one that many of you have already seen and if not then you definitely must watch it this year!!

So there are my top 3 favourite Christmas films!! Let me know in the comments what your favourite Christmas films are and I’ll have to definitely check out the ones I haven’t seen yet!

Until next time you festive bunch!!



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