Warm Me Up For Winter Tag!!



Hey guys!!

It’s that time of year where many bloggers and vloggers are slowly incorporating the festivity of Christmas into their content. As much as I wish to do the same I am saving the majority of my festive posts for blogmas but from watching through the videos in my subscription box I came across Eve Bennett’s version of the warm me up for winter tag. This tag consists of a few winter related questions so I decided I would put that tag into my next blog post that way I’m able to have a season related post without spilling any of my blogmas ideas! So without further ado here is the first question!

What is your fave hot chocolate?

Home made has to be cadburys hot chocolate it’s the only one that isn’t too watery it’s just perfect I could drink it endlessly!! And not homemade has to be Costa, they’re Black Forest hot chocolate from their Christmas menu is heavenly! It only comes once a year so I definitely recommend it if you have not tried it!

Whats your favourite pj’s, fluffy socks and slippers?

My favourite pj’s?? Hmm… I usually just sleep in  over sized t-shirts/jumpers with sweat pants/leggings and I don’t have an Christmassy pj’s yet! So I don’t really have any favourite pj’s! But My fave fluffy socks are my white ones with cute white pom poms on the ankles!! And I don’t really wear slippers because when I buy them I wear them for approximately a week then just stick to fluffy socks! But my fave slippers are my grey and white slipper boots they’re super comfy and cute!!

Favourite thing about winter?

My favourite thing about winter is that I know Christmas is just round the corner! Christmas itself isn’t exciting but the build up is and the festive spirit too! From the Christmas lights switch on to the adverts, music and colours! And I love buying presents for people!
Favourite winter lip product?

The Body Shops’ Born Lippy Lip Balm in strawberry flavour! I have used this for 2 years now and I have never come across a better lip balm it’s super hydrating especially at this time of the year where avoiding chapped lips becomes part of my daily routine and it has a very nice tint to it which isn’t too bright and looks quite nice!

Favourite winter candle?

My favourite winter candle has to be the Yankee Christmas Treats Candle! It is such a nice Christmas scent perfect for winter! It is very warming! My amazing friend gifted me this for my birthday and I love the smell in my room when I light it and it’s perfect to have in the corner of a bath!

Favourite cozy jumpers?

I don’t have a lot of cozy jumpers but my favourite is my teddy bear jumper which I bought from George last year, it is over sized and very comfy! Perfect for this time of the year!

Favourite scarf?

My 3 in 1 leopard print hat, scarf and gloves! If that counts!! It’s perfect for winter I have had it since last year and it keeps me super warm and its super cute!

Favourite bath bomb?

What sort of question is this?! Obviously the Candy Mountain Bubble Bar from lush! Okay yeah it is a bubble bar but it still counts! It makes so many bubbles and smells super nice it’s a shame it is a seasonal bubble bar but it does make it more exciting when it comes out again!

Favourite winter scent?

I quite like the warm, cinnamon like scents, I never used too but I am really digging them this year! I do like the sweet scents too but they can be over powering whereas the cinnamon ones give a warm, comfy feeling and the smell doesn’t often get overpowering!

What do you like about winter?


Favourite movies?

I won’t have this answer Christmas related because it may spoil one of my blogmas posts so generally my favourite films are, The lovely bones, The notebook and Cinderella! Not just the one that recently came out but the original cartoon films and Camp Rock!

Do you like the snow?

I love the snow! But only when it is soft, crunchy and photogenic not slushy, slippery and muddy!

I nominate Jenny Ross over at Born To Blend! to do the Warm Me Up For Winter tag! And anybody else who would like to do it!

I shall post again soon lovelies!



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