Autumnal Antics & Christmas Comforts With Lush!!


Hey guys!! So it’s that amazing time of the year where nice warm baths are a must have and what better way to have a bath than with lush?! And this is where all the limited edition stuff comes out!!!

Unfortunately I can’t afford all of the christmas and halloween collections which makes me sad BUT I managed to pick up, after life long minutes of deciding, 1 item from each collection!!

Bubble bars are my favourite products from lush so both the products I picked up are bubble bars!!


So from the Halloween/autumn collection I picked up this Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar for just £3.65!! It’s super glittery, My hands and phone case had glitter on them from me just picking it up to smell it and I have previously used a glittery bubble bar and loved it! The scent is quite nice, it has that warm, spice, cinnamony kinda autumnal smell to it its so nice!!! I haven’t used this one yet but I definitely will in the next few days, I can’t wait to get in a bath full of bubbles from it!!


The item I picked up from the Christmas collection is this Magic Wand Bubble Bar!! I have used this already once and I love it so much!! The scent is a sweet scent similar to the lush rose bubble bar its super nice!! It makes a ton of bubbles and the best thing is it is reusable!! Most bubble bars can be used more than once but by breaking parts of and using them whilst saving another part for another bath whereas with this you just hold it under a running tap and get as many bubbles as you like then leave it to dry on the side whilst your in the bath and it can be used again!! I would definitely pick this up again it’s a shame it’s limited edition!!

So that is all! A short but relevant blog post!! Hopefully I will pick up some more stuff before they are no longer in store!!

If you’ve tried any of the new Lush products let me know in the comments and if you recommend them!!



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