Hey guys!!

So my birthday is coming up super soon so I thought I’d do a little birthday/current wishlist as I haven’t done a wishlist for a while and thought I could relate it to my birthday which is super soon!! Just 22 days away!!

First of all is the 3 products I really want from Lush’s Christmas collection! I mean I would love all the Christmas collection but specifically these 3! the Holly Golightly which is £4.95,  the Candy Mountain which is £2.95, I bought this one last year and it was amazing, I was gutted when I went back to re-purchase it to find out it was only for Christmas time but now its back! And I’d also love to have the Rose Jam Shower Gel which is £4.95 because I absolutely love this scent from Lush such as the rose Jam bubble bar which I have almost finished!

Next is a few pieces from Superdrug! I’ve fallen in love with a new brush collection which is the Ultra Sculpt & Blend Collection C301 for £14.99  THEY ARE ROSE GOLD AND I LOVE ROSE GOLD!! I have also recently began purchasing some good quality brushes so I’d love to add these to my collection!

The next 2 superdrug items I’d like is by my all time fave Zoella!! I’d like the Zoella Blissful Mistful Solid Fragrance which is £5.00 because it’s super compact and easy to carry around plus I can make myself smell nice when I stop in public toilets to check on my hair/make up and I won’t feel awkward when it’s quite and I start spraying a body spray haha! Also I need a bigger case for my makeup essentials so the Zoella Rose Gold Vanity Case would be great for that and it’s rose gold which is a plus! That is £15.00!!

The next 3 items are high end products that I’ve wanted for a while, first of all is the Benefit Roller Lash Mascara which is £19.50 because I’ve tried the sample version which is pretty much all gone now and I haven’t had a chance to purchase the full sized one!

The next high end beauty product I have wanted for such a long time is the MAC Velvet Teddy Lipstick!!  This is £15.50… I know… for a lipstick?! But it is MAC!! It’s such a gorgeous nude tone I’d love it!!

Last but not least is the Urban Decay Naked Basics Eye Shadow Palette!! This is £23.00 and one of the first few Urban Decay Naked palettes, It’s got simple, neutral everyday tones in it and I would love this to use on a daily basis for natural looks!

And one fashion item I really want is Black Shearling Lined Shopper Bag from New Look which is £19.99. Sometimes after college I will pass new look and go inside to take a look around and I have recently come across this really nice bag which I would love for college!

That is my current/Birthday wishlist…


Hope you guys enjoyed reading this post! I’ll post again sooooon!!



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