Mid-Fall Haul!!


UGH! I try to be more productive with my blog and then as I go to upload this post it deletes all the content in it! Very annoyed but anyway I shall have to do it again…

So on monday I had a 3 hour free during my college day rather than 2 hours because my english lesson was cancelled, YAY!! That meant I may have, kinda, sort of emptied my bank account… but it was all for a good cause!! My makeup items!! haha! Anyhow I decided to share with you guys what I purchased and do a little mid-fall haul!!


So first of all, as per usual, I went into superdrug!! I have ran out of foundation so I decided to pick up some more. I didn’t pick up my holy grail foundation which as you know is the Rimmel London Match Perfection foundation, instead I picked up the lasting finish as match perfection is no longer much of a holy grail foundation. As much as I still really love it and recommend it I prefer the lasting finish now as I have purchased it once before and decided to re-purchase it because as obvious as it is, It lasts longer!! I also picked up the foundation powder version as well to set the liquid foundation and I haven’t used a matching powder and foundation for a while so I decided to give them both a go!


Next I went into new look!! I absolutely love this store at the moment, they have so many perfect pieces especially for fall!! However it is super pricey for me but I did pick up this lovely jumper and have worn it twice already! It’s super soft, comfy and warm! When all my friends are complaining about being cold I’m super warm in this jumper and I love the shade of it!


Having no matching pairs of earrings at the moment I decided to take a look around the jewellery section and pick some up! I wanted a set where I could match up simple studs with a more statement kind of earring as I have 2 holes in each ear so the statement one could go in the bottom hole and the stud in the top! This set was perfect for that and I have already been wearing them and I love them!



Whilst in the jewellery area I could not resist this gorgeous, rose gold necklace!! I tried to get a close up picture as it didn’t come out as nice a shade on camera but it is far more beautiful in real life and I would wear it with a plain white tee-shirt so that it stands out more!!

It isn’t a lot but my bank account has emptied, hopefully I will pick up some more stuff on payday this week!! Perhaps the new real technique brushes which I am in love with and desperate for!!

Hope you guys enjoy this blog post!! Let me know in the comments what your favourite item from this haul is!!

I’ll post again soon lovelies!!



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