Lets Get Personal…

Hey guys, I feel I need to kinda vent/update you guys on where I am with my blog and YouTube channel and just have a bit of a personal blog post rather than a general beauty, fashion or lifestyle one although I guess this kinda comes under lifestyle but anyway if this isn’t the kind of thing you want to read then turn away now but if not then carry on reading.

I’ve bullet pointed a few things to get down in this blog post so hopefully I can just get a few things out there.

First of all is YouTube, I started a YouTube channel a few months ago and as my family don’t know and can’t find out about my blog and YouTube channel it isn’t easy to film regularly and find time to edit and upload, as much as I want to put 100% into my channel it’s kind of difficult and I don’t have the support I need to keep pushing me with it so I’ve kinda started letting it go. Also my videos make me cringe a little, I don’t know if it’s a normal thing because I’ve heard many youtubers say they dislike watching back on their footage but yeah… I won’t delete it as I am moving house soon so maybe once I have my own room I might feel more organised and find it easier to film and edit but for the time being I don’t plan to upload any videos soon.

Now with my blog, I have started college this year and I know this isn’t an excuse and i’m not saying it is but I am studying 4 A Levels and it is very time consuming meaning I have had to go from blogging at least 3 times a week to once a week which I hate because my blog is a part of me, a hobby and something I really enjoy doing that I want to put all and my time and effort into but I can’t seem to do that ugh!!

I draft so many blog posts that aren’t complete and I need to find time to take pictures but I also have a lot on my mind emotion wise that I don’t want to go into detail with, I’m hoping to speak to someone about it soon but I haven’t yet so it’s sort of eating me inside out and I’m loosing motivation and procrastinating when I know deep down I want to do this I just need that push and a bit of support and hopefully soon I’ll find that and I’ll find it in me to push myself and get back on track with my blog.

I doubt anyone has actually noticed, I get a lot of views on my blog but I don’t think there is anyone who specifically checks it for new posts that may notice me slacking a little but I still felt I needed to get this out there and explain it all and my blog is the best place to do that, It’s my own little place on the internet connected to almost 2000 lovely people and I’m so greatful for that!

So leaving this on a kind of positive note, I think I will be more likely to upload often if I start taking pictures on my phone rather than my camera because my camera is a lot of fussing around and the pictures don’t seem to be coming out too good recently and they come out better on my phone so hopefully that will make a change! I have loads of ideas I just need to put them together! It would really help me if you guys could give me some ideas of blog posts you would like me to do for fall or anything non fall related, please let me know in the comments!

To keep more updated on my blog follow my social media accounts, the links are in my side bar and I’ll make sure to follow back! Look out for a mid fall haul, a fashion collaboration with a great brand! some makeup reviews and maybe a fall makeup look if your lucky!

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post, thank you to all the companies that have contacted me to collaborate with me and thank you to everyone that leaves lovely comments in the comment section on my posts! I promise another blog post will go up this week, maybe tomorrow if I can do it!

I’ll post again soon lovelies!



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