September Favourites!!

Hey guys!! No way is it October already!! It only just hit me that I need to do my September favourites! I’m usually one for getting my monthly favourites up super early but as I’m still adjusting to college lifestyle it completely flew my mind! Anyhow I have remembered and got together a few things I have been loving this month so lets begin!


First of all I must say gel liner is my new found lover this month! At the start of September or maybe even late August, after months of contemplating I finally picked up the gel liner I have been looking into for a while!! Rimmel Scandalyes Waterproof Gel Liner, I have absolutely been loving it my eyeliner is so much more pigmented and very bold! It’s not the easiest for a wing but after drawing my wing shape with regular eyeliner I go over it with the gel to make it more bold and it looks absolutely gorgeous!!


My second beauty favourite has to be this lovely contour palette by makeup revolution!! I previously tried out the Bourjois bronzer and highlighting duo which featured in a previous favourites however I now really dislike it and im so glad I came across this amazing super affordable contour palette by my go to drugstore brand!! The bronzer is very strong and blends so well it’s high end quality! The highlighter highlights perfectly and I don’t really use the blusher but it’s quite bronze toned rather than pink toned. I definitely give this palette a 9/10 it’s a must have especially for £3.50!!


My final beauty favourite is my real techniques core collection brush set, I was lucky enough to get this for half the price at £10.99 when boots had an offer on! I did mention it in my August Favourites but that was just specifically one of the brushes but over the full month of September I have used every single brush and they are amazing specifically the foundation brush!! I have always stuck to using sponges for applying my foundation and in the past year I have stuck to using the real techniques miracle complexion sponge because I have always disliked foundation brushes but I thought I would give this one a try and I am so glad I did, I haven’t gone back to my sponge since! The brush gives such amazing long lasting coverage and a beautiful glow! I prefer blending in my concealer with this too as it conceals for longer and applies it so much better than how I have previously applied it! But all in all the full brush kit is amazing and definitely worth the price!

That is my beauty favourites complete! I know it isn’t a lot but they are the only 3 things I have been loving before that isn’t anything I have mentioned in previous favourites!

My fashion favourites would be everything in my College/Fall Mini Haul blog post so be sure to check that out!

Last but not least is my music favourites!

The first song has to be Rachel Platten – Fight Song its so deep and meaningful I love it!! and my second has to be Martin Solveig & GTA – Intoxicated its such a tune and really puts me in a good mood so be sure to check them out!!

I don’t really have a TV favourite this month I’m still watching the same shows I always have but a new season of Once Upon A Time has finally begun so I am super excited about that, the first episode was amazing!!

That is my September Favourites…


Hope you guys enjoyed an insight into all I have been loving the past month!

I’ll post again soon lovelies!



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