College/Fall Mini Haul!!

Hey guys!! Okay so just before I started college about 3 weeks ago, I went on a little shopping dress to pick up some clothing for college/fall because all I really had was summer dresses and I wanted some new cute and comfy clothes that will keep me warm when the colder weather comes in!! And yes, I said colder because as we know the weather in the UK is usually somewhat slightly cold!! So without further ado i will begin with the haul!!


First of all, as usual, I went into Primark!! I had a bit of a browse and eventually picked up this black and white checkered shirt!! I absolutely love this because it’s so student-like and so me!! I picked it up in a slightly bigger size so that i could get away with wearing it with tights and this is now one of my favourite outfits!! I can also create 2 looks with it because if I wear it with black skinny jeans and a black vest top it works perfectly as a flannel!! And this lovely top/shirt was only £10!!


Next I came across this midi roll neck jumper. I was hesitant to pick it up at first but I went back for it and I am so glad I did!! It’s perfect for the fall/winter weather especially the fact that it has a roll neck because then there’s no need to purchase a winter scarf!! It’s soooo comfortable and is also another favourite inside my wardrobe now!! This also was just £10!!


Last but not least I needed a pair of everyday shoes that will match almost every outfit and what would go better than black and white canvas shoes?! I purchased these from select last year and they lasted me a whole year but I needed some new ones for college so I grabbed these as soon as I saw them for the bargain price of £6!! These go with all the above outfits and 99% of all the outfits I own so they’re perfect and just what I need!! They may look a little worn now but that’s because I’ve worn them almost everyday since I purchased them!

Hope you guys loved my mini haul! Let me know in the comments your favourite piece from these!

I’ll post again soon lovelies!



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