August Favourites!!


Okay so a few days ago it hit me, I need to do my August Favourites! Wait, what? August is ending already?! I only have 4 more favourites posts to do this year! Well that flew by quickly, I’ve almost been blogging for a whole year! Anyway you know the drill, this is the post where I tell you guys what I have been loving this month!!

First of all is this Little Book Of Confidence, You may have seen this, along with some of the other favourites, in my previous blog post, Collective Haul. I picked up this book as confidence is something I have been trying to work on, I hate it when I go into a situation excited and then BAM! It hits me, I feel awkward, out of place, shy and I become conscious of every move I make, fearing it may be wrong. I don’t want to feel like this anymore, I want to be confident in new surroundings so this book has been a little companion of mine in helping me, advising me and inspiring me to become more confident! It has so good tips and very good quotes in it and I have been definitely loving it this month!

Next is the adorable cup! I purchased this from Primark in Gabriella Lindley’s (VelvetGh0st’s) collection which she has recently bought out! It was in my college essentials blog post because I will be using it for college as it is the perfect, cute cup I have been searching for! I have only had it for about a week however I have used it every single day and it deserves to be included in my August favourites!

Now at boots until the 1st of September they have the Real Techniques Core Collection Brush Kit for half price! It was £21.99 but now it is £10.99!! I picked it up and one brush I have been loving from it ever since is the buffing brush. I find it so much easier to apply powder over my foundation and the brush is so soft and picks up the perfect amount of product! All in all I absolutely love it!

I’m pretty sure the Soap and Glory Supercat Eyeliner may have featured in a favourites before however I am still loving it! This is the second time I have purchased this eyeliner and it is the longest I have stuck to a specific one! I will definitely be reviewing this soon and I definitely recommend it to anyone on the hunt for a good eyeliner because this is currently my holy grail eyeliner!

And my final favourite of the month is this EOS Lip Balm. The packaging is cute! However at first I wasn’t to keen on the product because it wasn’t all it was made out to be and is definitely over hyped. Nonetheless this month I have been using it quite often and it is still really hydrating on my lips and still a very good product, I rarely used it previously but this month I have used it near enough everyday and I must say my opinion on it has definitely changed!!

There are all the products I have been loving this month! Let me know in the comments what is one of your favourites for this month!

I’ll post again soon lovelies!



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