College Essentials!!

Okay so it’s that time of the year! Everybody is returning to/starting high school or college! For me I am starting my first year of college and I’m actually super excited! Thanks to NCS I’m nowhere near as nervous as I was before! Anyway I thought I’d share with you guys some of the stationary essentials for starting college and some ideas to keep organized, everything in this post is what I’m using/doing to make sure my work is organized and nothing gets on top of me!


First of all is my subject organisation! I am studying 4 A levels, one of which is photography, I did originally puchase the A4 notebook with a girl and a camera on the cover for photography but I don’t think i’ll be writing much so I’ll use it for another subject so I now have 3 A4 notebooks for my other 3 writing subjects and 3 gorgeous A5 notebooks!! I think it’s really important to have cute and pretty stationary because it’s more exciting to use and write in than plain simple coloured stationary!


Another way I like to organize my subjects is the 4 A5 folders which I have labelled for each subject. These will be used for assignments/sheet work that I may need to take home to work on so that I’m not just getting sheets mixed up in bag and it’s easier to find them! As you can see 2 assignments have already been done and put into their folders and I don’t start until next week!!


Next is stationary! I kept this simple but cute. I have 2 pretty pens, a bright coloured pencil and then some biro pens because they’re my favourite to write with! I also have a pen with multiple pens in it because I love those pens and it’s a lot easier to use if I need to use several colours rather than picking up different pens!

IMG_4932 IMG_4934

I have purchased a super cute weekly planner to keep me organized when it comes to deadlines, holidays or plans with friends! What I love about the diary is I get to chose when I start using it because I put the date in myself so if I don’t use it for 2 weeks during holidays I can just carry on rather than wasting 4 pages!! It’s small, cute and just what I need! Although I still have my eye out for the student planner I saw in PINK!!


And last but not least is this super cute cup that refused to show up on a white background! If your a fan of Gabriella Lindley (VelvetGh0st) You will recognize this cup as it’s from her primark collection!! She has an amazing collection in primark of which I’ll be picking up some more pieces from once I get my next wage!! It’s the perfect size and it’s so pretty and tumblr!! It just makes me want to drink more which is healthier and I will definitely be using it every single day of college!!

So they are all my college essentials!! Good luck to everyone with going back to school/college or if you’re like me and just starting! Hope you all have a good year! Let me know in the comments one essential you’ll be taking everyday!!



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