Collective Haul!!

Hey guys!! So this was supposed to originally be a shopping haul of a few pieces I picked up from a trip to the Trafford Centre but I’ve done some more shopping since so I guess it’s more of a collective haul now!!

First of all are a few pieces from going to the Trafford Centre!


First of all I went into H&M!! As i start college in September I have been looking for a bag for quite a while now! I came across a really pretty rose gold one previously in New Look but I was slightly hesitant because rose gold won’t go with every outfit! However in H&M I found THE perfect bag!! As you can see above it pretty much has a checklist on it that suits me perfectly! Now I won’t forget a thing! It’s also black and white so I can wear it with every outfit and it’s the right size for my college essentials! I picked up this must have for just £15!!


Next I headed to an American Candy store, I won’t talk too much about this as you’ll hear more about it in an upcoming blog post but you can see above the delicious things I purchased from there!



I then popped into Waterstones and came across a selection of 3 little books, 2 of which were about friendship and confidence. It took me a while to decided which one to get but I eventually decided to buy the little book of confidence! It’s full of advice on how to become more confident as a person and some really good quotes!!

Moving onto my recent purchases! These are all from home bargains, I love this store as they do such amazing products at such affordable prices!! I wouldn’t have thought I would come across these purchases at that store!


First of all I picked up this canvas/frame kinda thing. I have a little obsession with quotes and this one is similar to my  on my blog that says “nothing holds more beauty than a smile” I believe that a smile is the most beautiful thing and everyone should be aware of it! I am moving house soon so I picked up this canvas as I definitely want it in my new room!!


Next I came across some more supplies perfect for college! I picked up these 2 notebooks that were just 99p each! I can’t be the only one that wants super cute and pretty stationary for college! I picked up these 2 pretty notebooks to start off my selection of notebooks for college! I did come across similar ones recently in WHSmith but these were far cheaper!!


And from my most recent shopping trip I picked up the gorgeous Real Techniques Core Collection which is usually £21.99 but it was down to £10.99!! I couldn’t say know especially having previously purchased one of their brushes for that price here I’m getting 4!! They were selling like hot cakes I grabbed them as soon as I saw them!!!


And last but not least I re-purchased the Soap And Glory Supercat Eyeliner, I always have love/hate relationships with eyeliners I can never find the right one for me I’m always switching, swapping and trying out new ones but this is the longest I’ve stuck to one eyeliner! I’m really loving this and will hopefully do a review on it soon as to why!!

That wasn’t much compared to what I’d usually by from 3 different shopping trips but that is the haul complete!! I start work again soon so hopefully my bank account will begin to fill up and I can have a good splurge!!

I’ll post again sooon!!!



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