Concealer Hypes… Are they worth it?


Hey Guys! There are always hypes around certain products in the beauty world so I have chosen 2 concealers that have been hyped up this year and I am going to talk through my opinions on them and whether they are worth the hype or not.

First of all is Rimmel London’s Wake Me Up Concealer. This concealer has been hyped up quite a lot and it isn’t too expensive either but my experiences with it haven’t been good. I find that it wrinkles under my eyes and fades quickly, the coverage doesn’t last long and isn’t very good either. In my opinion, I don’t think this concealer is worth the hype, if you’re starting out with makeup then this is definitely for you but if you want something that conceals your dark circles all day then this concealer won’t do that job for you. I would rate this a 5/10 and I don’t think I will be re-purchasing it.

Moving onto Collection’s Lasting Perfection Concealer. This is currently my holy grail concealer! Although it does wrinkle it has AMAZING coverage! It lasts a hell lot longer than the wake me up and is perfect if you want a lot of coverage for a night out or something to last you all day in college/work. This is definitely something I would re-purchase and will be re-purchasing and unless you want minimal coverage I definitely recommend it!! I give this concealer a 9/10, this one is definitely worth the hype!!

That is my concealer comparisons complete! I thought it would be good for those who see the hypes and wonder if they are worth it because I wish someone did that for me before I purchased the wake me up concealer!!

If you have used either of these concealers let me know what you think in the comments!



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