Favourite Candles!!


Hey guys!! I don’t think I have done a blog post like this but in case you guys didn’t know I have a huge obsession with candles! Mainly in winter but throughout the rest of the year too! I decided to share with you guys the candles I have loved this year and my favourite scents!

The 2 candles near the front of the picture are chupa chupa scented candles and oh my gosh!!! I love them! they smell soooo gorgeous and I’m surprised they’ve lasted me so long because I use them so much! When they do run out I will definitely be on the hunt for some more!

The white blossom scented candle is another candle I love, I haven’t used this as much as the chupa chupa ones as it doesn’t have that distinctively sweet scent I like this is more faint smell but still quite nice!

The red berry jasmine candle has a floral sweet kinda scent which is what I love! I only purchased this recently (from primark just 80p!!) but I know it will be another one that will get used a lot!!

Last but not least is the candle with an owl on the jar! I am not sure what scent this is but again I would describe it like the white blossom scent, very faint and subtle but in all still lovely! I especially love this candle for the jar it comes in, I love the owl on it!

Out of all these candles, as you can probably guess my favourites are the chupa chupa scented candles! I love candles with a distinctive sweet smell, slightly strong but not too strong. My favourite thing about candles is how they relax me I can’t have a bath without some candles in the corners and the lights off! They’re just so serene and peaceful, nothing can relax me better and I don’t find it easy to relax but candles just work wonders for me! Also in winter, lighting some lovely candles that fill the room with a warming, calm smell mmmmm!! I really love candles, who doensn’t?!

In the comments let me know your favourite candle/candle scent!



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