What I hate about tea tree!


Hey guys!! So this post is about a little something I dislike…

Now in the blogging world, well in the beauty and fashion area, we see a lot of reviews most are true and some are false “opinions”. I want to give my readers 100% honesty so they feel they can trust my reviews and opinions on products and I didn’t want to constantly be posting about things I like I also want to post about products I dislike because this is my blog not an advertising platform! haha! So today I wanted to talk about why I dislike tea tree scented skincare items.

One Tea tree scented product I dislike is makeup wipes. I just find that they don’t leave my skin feeling the way other makeup wipes I have used and when it comes to using these to remove eye makeup it’s just a no. They irritate and sting my eyes I mean it is a mint similar scent so my eyes start stinging. It may be because I have sensitive eyes but personally I try my best to avoid having to use tea tree scented makeup wipes. I also don’t quite like the smell of most tea tree products either especially if they are going on my face like the make up wipes and facial scrubs!

So this is why I dislike tea tree scented beauty products! Let me know in the comments what your opinion on tea tree scented beauty products are!



4 thoughts on “What I hate about tea tree!

  1. Michelle (S&S Blog) (@_rainflower) says:

    This is a refreshing post! I am not keen on tea tree either! I never used to have an opinion on tea tree either way, I didn’t dislike it but I wouldn’t go out of my way to use tea tree products.

    However, I am currently trying to get through a pack of tea tree face wipes – they’re just too harsh and removing eye make up is tear-worthy! The scent is incrediblt strong in the face wipes too – I don’t know whether to use them on my face or use them for unblocking sinuses! 😉 Roll on the end of the pack so I can get some sensitive, fragrance free wipes! 😉

    Michelle -x-

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