July Favourites!!


Wow… it felt really weird typing the title for this post, we’re in July already?! where has this year gone!!

I have decided to get my July favourites up a little earlier this month than I usually would do as on the 27th of July I will be taking part in the NCS Challenge and I am so excited for this opportunity! It is over 4 weeks and there are 2 sets of 5 days that I will be away from home so my blogging won’t be very consistent which I apologize for but I will do my best to upload!

My first favourite has to be my Magnitone Lucid! I was gifted this by the lovely company and have reviewed it in a previous blog post. I use it in my skincare routines everyday now and it works wonders! The 20% discount code is still valid if you would like to use it and can be found in this blog post.

My next favourite is Batiste Dry Shampoo! I’m pretty sure I have included this an a previous favourites but I am still in love! I have a sea of empty bottles all over my bedroom floor! I always re-purchase when I run it, it is amazing to minimize/remove oils from your hair when there’s a little too much and your’re rushing around or unexpectedly have somewhere to be! it’s super affordable, the packaging is so pretty and I LOVE IT!!

I have absolutely loved Revlons Photoready Airbrush Effect Foundation, This isn’t a foundation I would wear on a daily basis as it provides a hell lot of coverage! But I did have my prom at the start of this month and I wore it then. It gives amazing coverage, it contains small amounts of glitter to keep you dazzling! It makes my skin look super smooth and I still have 3 big events towards the end of this month and I will definitely be using it then!

The buffing concealer brush for the Ecotools Fresh and Flawless 5 piece complexion set is definitely in my July favourites!! I have been wearing eye shadow a lot more this month,  a smokey eye for a night out or a simple nude/pink summery look for everyday! Now this brush is supposed to be to buff out concealer but I prefer to use it when blending eye shadows. It is so soft and gentle when blending in the crease and I love how I have found a use for the brush because I didn’t use it until I began different eye shadow looks! So out of all my beauty products this brush is one that has stood out to me this month!

Moving onto fashion… I don’t really have a fashion favourite this month but I was so in love with my prom outfit! You can see this here! I’d like to thank Quiz because I got such perfectly matching outfit pieces from there and the staff were lovely and so helpful as I was getting everything last minute! I couldn’t have wished for a better outfit picking experience and the outfit itself was gorgeous! and again, just like the foundation I will be re-wearing this for 2 of the 3 events I have to attend!

My music favourites for this month have to be….

Demi Lovato – Cool For The Summer and Hobbie Stuart – Fall Down!

I love these 2 songs and especially cool for the summer because as you know, if you know me well, Demi Lovato is my idol and she released another amazing song! It is so catchy and really gets me in the summer mood!

For fall down, I love this because 1. I adore Hobbie! and 2. I just love the beat to it and the lyrics are amazing and he has such great vocals!

And last but not least….

My TV favourite!!

download (1)

I finished watching 90210 at the beginning of this month and I absolutely loved that show! I am gutted there are no more episodes but now I have began watching Once Upon A Time and I am obsessed! It’s definitely my kinda show, all the fantasy story lines and the way it contrasts with the modern world, so many mysterious and so much tensions and suspense I definitely recommend you begin watching it if you haven’t already!

So there are my July Favourites complete!! Let me know in the comments 3 things you have been loving this month!

I’ll post again soon lovelies!



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