Prom Essentials!!


Hey guys!! Soooo if you have read my previous posts you’ll know it is my high school prom tomorrow!! I am super excited for this, it’s going to be a night to remember!!

In this post I am going to show you guys what I think are prom essentials, the things you must definitely have in your prom bag/clutch to get you through the night and help you enjoy every moment!!

First of all are the most obvious, your camera and phone, the camera is definitely required to create and remember the amazing memories you will create! Get a cute picture with your date and friends and teachers! One day you can look back on these, maybe make a scrapbook out of them? You won’t regret it! So do not forget your camera! and the phone is needed because lets be honest? a phone is an essential everywhere you go! Plus you can make so many memories of the night on snapchat and watch back on them the next morning and see the amazing night you had!

Chewing Gum/Mints – an essential to keep your breath smelling great all night!

The next few essentials are to keep your face looking photogenic all night and keep that face flawless!!

Concealer – This is needed just in case your original application of concealer begins to fade so you can top it up with some more and keep your under eyes bright and those bags hidden!

Powder – Again, like the concealer you will need this for a top up when your powder/foundation begins to fade as it will be a long night!

Brushes – Obviously you will need to correct brushes to apply/blend the concealer and powder.

Comb – To keep your hair untangled!

Hand Cream – To keep your hands moisturized, this is always an essential in my general handbag anyway!

So they are the few essentials for a prom night and what I will be taking with me! If you have your prom coming up soon I do hope you enjoy it! Let me know in the comments what your number 1 essential is for when you go to prom or big parties!



2 thoughts on “Prom Essentials!!

  1. leakarlien says:

    It’s nice to blog about these even’ts from high school and the prom. Rather take to much pictures you could always chuck them out if you dont like it, but you can’t have a redo of the even’t. It’s long past my prom days and i’ve taken photos but i’m so disappointed that i didn’t take pictures of my nails and of course the layout of the table, the flowers etc. I’ve started to make a scrapbook of my high-school years and i’m glad that i’ve kept most of my momentous

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    • Desire4Beauty says:

      awhh thats great to hear! unfortunately i didnt take a lot of pictures whilst there and it was last night and im already regretting it! but i did get some pictures with class mates and im sure the school took some too so i’ll get more pictures from the night soon! xx


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