*Magnitone Lucid And Me!!


Hey guys!! So recently I participated in a lovely bloggerslvehub twitter party and within that party I was lucky to be gifted by Magnitone!! After receiving their email saying I had been selected to review an item of theirs I counted down the days until it arrived!!

The product gifted to me was the Magnitone Lucid but before I go into that let me tell you how amazing the packaging was! I’m a sucker for great packaging and I love to see how companies show themselves through the effort and standards of their packaging. The parcel box, as you can see in the image, was personalized by Magnitone inside and it has been great for storing other items in now and I also received a cute little magnitone notepad which I can use for college! I definitely give their packaging a 10/10, I was loving it before I even unboxed the actual item!


Moving onto the Magnitone Lucid itself. I have been using this for a week now, every morning and every night along with my normal skincare routine but rather than using my hands to rub in the product I used the magnitone lucid. I begin at my forehead as the manual suggests and the magnitone lucid is programmed to stay on for a minute then after each set of 20 seconds it makes a beep noise, indicating to move to a different section of my face. I begin at my forehead then onto my left cheek for the second set of 20 seconds and cleanse that side of my face and then onto the right side of my cheek for the final 20 seconds after which it automatically switches off.

After this I wash my face and it feels so much more cleaner than it does without using the magnitone lucid! I then moisturize my face and using the magnitone lucid benefits this so much more because it deep cleanses and opens my pores so when moisturizing afterwards it is far more effective which really helps because I have dry skin.

All in all I am beyond happy with the product, it hasn’t made a significant difference but it has made a noticeable difference to my skin  My favourite part about this is it is waterproof so I can use it to clean my face in the shower!! I give the Magnitone Lucid an 8/10 I absolutely love it and would like to thank Magnitone for gifting it to me!


If you want to make Magnitone your number 1 travel companion this month and have clearer, fresher and brighter skin on the go then click here and use the code BLOVE20 to receive 20% off!!



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