It’s that time of the year… PROM!!!


Hey guys! So this is super exciting… I’ve spent the last few years excited for my prom that awaited me after I finished year 11 but a couple months ago I wasn’t supposed to be going however in the past week I have convinced my parents (with the help of my aunty!) to allow me to attend prom!! I can’t explain how excited I am now although I am a little anxious because a dance floor isn’t really my thing especially as my best friends aren’t going but not letting my anxiety hold me back is on my bucket list so I will do this!

I’ve decided I will share with you guys my prom outfit and then talk you through how I am doing my hair and makeup on the day! It’s on the 3rd of July which is only a few days away and I am very excited! I have had to pick everything up last minute but I already knew what I wanted which made it easier to grab what I needed!


Okay so for my dress I chose this gorgeous, elegant, classy Black Embroidered Open Back Strap Dress! My other choice was the Royal Blue Mesh Bead Dress but the royal blue was stunning and really stood out which isn’t what I want to be doing so I chose the black as it is also a lot more classy. I absolutely love the dress it’s perfect for me and the design on the back is gorgeous! I am very happy with this dress and was even happier when I discovered I fitted into a size 6!! That really made my day so yeah there I have my dream prom dress!

For the shoes I have chosen the Black Diamante Mesh Platform Shoes, these are absolutely gorgeous and go perfectly with the dress! I tried them on in store in the white and silver shade but the white didn’t complement the dress and the store had no black ones in stock in my size and neither did another local Quiz store but I have ordered them online and they arrive the day before my prom, talk about last minute! But I am so happy with the heels they are so pretty and perfect! They also stop my dress dragging or touching the floor because I’m short! haha!

And onto accessories! I picked up these stunning earrings and unfortunately they are no longer on the Quiz website so I couldn’t link them in this post but they go perfectly with the dress and I love them! For my bag I have bought this  Shimmer Clutch Bag! It’s the perfect size for my essentials, phone, camera and makeup for touching up my makeup half way through the night!

So that is my outfit complete! Onto hair and makeup!!

For my hair I am simply curling it and for my makeup I will be doing a smokey eye which I have been practicing a lot recently! I am not going to go into detail about the makeup because I will be uploading a blog post about my prom night and getting ready, I will possibly do a Prom GRWM video for my YouTube channel but no promises!

So that is all for my prom and excitement! Let me know in the comments your thoughts of prom and what your favourite moment was or what you are most looking forward to if you have your prom coming up!



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