Summer Bucket List!!


Hey guys! Sooo summer is coming, I have officially left school but not been quite sure what to do with the 3 months I have of doing nothing… So I decided to create a summer bucket list! These are all the things I want to complete/work towards this summer and I decided to share them with my lovely readers!

  1. Find a job I love
  2. Buy the Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection
  3. Buy, shoot and process 5 disposable cameras
  4. Make a summer scrapbook with the pictures
  5. Watch a movie at the cinema
  6. Work on origami
  7. Make business cards
  8. Hit 300 blog followers
  9. Hit 1k twitter followers
  10. Save up for all of the urban decay&two faced eye shadow palettes
  11. Re-decorate my bedroom when i move
  12. Be happy with my weight again
  13. Complete 5 Pinterest inspired projects maybe blog about them
  14. Find the perfect eyebrow products for my eyebrows and start doing my eyebrows
  15. Buy some MUJI acrylic storage for my make up
  16. Work on doing eye makeup
  17. Take part in a bloggers event
  18. Take up running
  19. Run a marathon
  20. Make candles
  21. Make homemade bathbombs
  22. Save up for a Macbook
  23. Save up for a polaroid
  24. Win a giveaway
  25. Create the perfect college wardrobe
  26. Get cute college stationary and other stuff like cups
  27. Make hydrangea meringue cookies
  28. Organize my bedroom so I know where everything is
  29. Try bubble tea
  30. Take my best friends out to dinner (if i get a job and can afford it)
  31. Picnic in the park
  32. Volunteer at a tea shop to gain experience
  33. Go camping
  34. Overcome fears/Try and not let anxiety hold me back
  35. Sort out all my clothes, selling and donating what I don’t want or need
  36. Buy a dressing table that I’m in love with
  37. Get my nails done
  38. Get a new camera
  39. Reach 100 subscribers on YouTube
  40. Make more videos consistently
  41. Eat at Five Guys
  42. Go for a nandos meal
  43. Make myself some bunting for my bedroom
  44. Go skinny dipping
  45. Do the stuff your mouth challenge
  46. Go behind a waterfall
  47. Go canoeing
  48. Try a macaroon
  49. Win a lot of money on a scratch card
  50. Plant a sunflower
  51. Start scrapbooking
  52. Have a spa day with the girls
  53. Take food and water to a homeless person
  54. Go zorbing
  55. Buy some cacti for my bedroom
  56. Watch the whole of Once Upon A Time
  57. Watch the whole of Revenge
  58. Watch the whole of Gossip Girl
  59. Watch the whole of 90210
  60. Attempt to watch AHS
  61. Make vodka gummy bear
  62. Crimp my hair
  63. Open a cook book to a random page and cook whatever is on it
  64. Post 10 ‘Do It Yourself’ posts onto my blog
  65. Use up all of my unnecessary beauty products
  66. Have a spa day with the girls
  67. Have an afternoon of tie-dyeing
  68. Get a cute notebook for blog ideas
  69. Pre-plan a huge amount of blog posts
  70. Help someone cross something off their bucket list

So there are 70 things I want to do this summer! Let me know in the comments 5 things that you wish to do this summer!

Enjoy the sun my lovely readers!


*disclaimer – the image used in the post is not my own I found it on google images


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