Summer Wishlist!I

summer wishlist

Hey guys! I haven’t done a wishlist in a while! So here are the things I currently want for summer but can’t afford yet so I decided to share them with my lovely blog readers!

First of all is the Jersey Dress With A Collar this is £14.99 from H&M! I adore this dress it is so cute! I recently tried it on at the store but didn’t purchase it as it had foundation stains on the collar and they are all out of stock when I looked online 😦 so I have to keep checking out their website to see when they get it in stock because I will definitely be getting it!

I really really really want the Urban Decay Naked Basics Eye Shadow Palette! It has gorgeous everyday nude shades in it and unlike the other naked palettes I know I will use all these shades! It is currently £19.16 at Debenhams which is so much less than it used to be! So hopefully I will purchase this soon!

How gorgeous is Real Techniques bold metals collection?!?! I would get every brush if I could! but unfortunately they aren’t cheap! and it is rose gold! who doesn’t love rose gold?!?! although I don’t wear blusher often I really want the Tapered Blush Brush as I think I will use it for other things such as precisely getting bronzing powder where I want it when contouring! It is £24.00 though! That is more than the naked basics! If I had a regular job I would own these! but I don’t so for now they can stay on my wishlist haha!

I have wanted these for so long now! The Frends Layla Headphones In Rose Gold these are £140 from Urban Outfitters which I think is worth it! Just like the brush they are are rose gold!!!! However I can’t currently afford them but hopefully I will be able to soon or I will get them for my birthday in a few months!

The Urban Outfitter’s Geo Sipper Cup is super cute! It’s basically a mason jar without the handle! I love the effect on the glass and the colour! I really want one of these for when I start college! It £12 as well which is worth it! Hopefully I will pick one up during my college shopping spree!

Let me know in the comments one thing you guys really want at the moment! I’ll post again lovelies!



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