Exam Stress: Ways To Revise&Relax!!


Hey guys! So today I want to do something a little unusual to my normal blog posts as you can probably tell from the title, Exam season is peaking and for all those doing there GCSE’s or if you’re in the US then I think they call them finals or GPA’s? correct me if i’m wrong! Well we all have a lot of stress and pressure placed upon us so I would like to share with you guys my relaxation and revision, tips and tricks and hopefully I can help you de-stress a little! A few of these can even be used if you just feel like you need some me time to relax and forget your worries!


so first of all I want to start of with a view revision tips! I am by no means no expert but these are just a few things that help me!

1. Revision cards – They’re fun to make, you can make them look super cute and at the same time be learning! I like to write keywords on one side and then a simple explanation on the other so I can learn the explanation for a few minutes then test myself by just looking at the keyword and seeing if I know the answer!

2. Post-stick Notes – You can do this with either post-stick notes or cut up paper into different shapes, You can colour them in, polka dot them, draw stripes on them with bright colours so it stands out then write simple bullet point form notes on them and stick them around your room, on the mirror whatever is best for you! Personally sticking them on a mirror has never worked for me, I can’t do my makeup and look at notes at the same time haha!

3. Read and Note – This is one of my favourites, surprisingly! and it’s how I learn best! I grab my revisions guide, notes sheet or whatever has my facts on then go through a topic for a bit and make bullet point notes that way I have the key facts written down and my brain absorbs it better if I read it then write it down!

4. Make a Timetable – Timetables are the best thing to ensure you have made time for all the subjects you need to revise for but don’t forget to fit in time for yourself! You need a break from revising!

So there are 4 different methods you could use to help you revise! Now when you’re revising you need to make sure you do not overwork yourself! Sitting in solid revision for hours the days before your exam will not benefit you! It is actually proven that you benefit more from revision if you take occasional breaks! For example 45 minutes of revision with 15-20 minute breaks for no more than 3 times a day! Also make sure you always have a bottle of water on you whilst you revise to keep you hydrated and keep your brain working well! and there’s nothing wrong with a few cheeky little revision snacks 😉 maybe some crackers, crisp or a fruit bowl if you want to go for the healthy option! Whatever you like! Let me know in the comments and I might do a post on snack ideas!


Here are some relaxation tips that have definitely helped me!

1. Pamper yourself! – When the stress levels get too high just pause for a minute, take a deep breath and realize you need to give yourself a bit of what I like to call “me time” If you want to see what I like to do you can watch my Pamper Routine Video. Basically light some candles, lie back, have a bubble bath if you feel like it!, create a playlist of music you want to listen to during your “me time” and just do nothing for a little while and take some deep breaths!


2. Headspace Headspace is one of my favourite things ever to relax! It was advised to me by a psychiatrist about 2 years ago and it is just amazing! It helps clear your mind and just relax you! All it takes is 10 minutes of logging in, putting your earphones in and playing a session, it just teaches you how to block things out, take steady breaths and relaxes you so much that I have actually fell asleep a few times whilst using it! I highly recommend you try this out if you’re stressed! There is an app version of it as well and you can download sessions to use offline it is amazing! It’s fun at the same time because you can unlock sessions!

3. Relaxing Music – This might sound ridiculous to some people but honestly searching into YouTube “relaxing music” or “revision music” you can find some peaceful music to have playing out loud or in your earphones whilst you revise just to keep you calm at the same time and stop you over thinking your work. It’s a lot better than listening to music with a tune that makes you want to dance or lyrics that make you want to sing and can be more distracting than beneficial!

4. Meditate – Find a quite area with no distractions then sit down, close your eyes and take deep breaths, out for 5 and in for 5 just focus on that and it will help you relax you mind and your muscles, hopefully de-stressing you! Meditating may not be for you but don’t knock it till you’ve tried it! It is actually quite a really good thing to do to relax!

So there are 4 methods to revise and 4 methods to relax! I hope I have helped at least one person! If I’ve helped you in anyway let me know!

Thanks for reading ❤



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