Real Techniques Expert Face Brush Review!


Hey there my lovely readers! So if you saw my April Favourites you’ll see i included the real techniques expert face brush in there! I didn’t go into too much depth about it because i wanted to do a review so if you’ve been waiting for that review here it is!!

I have never really been one for using make up brushes when applying foundation or concealer, when I started wearing makeup I used those cheap small triangular shaped sponges to apply my foundation and then a few months ago I purchased the real techniques miracle complexion sponge which is one of the best things I have ever purchased to apply my makeup with! but a few weeks ago I saw that boots had a buy one get one half price offer on some of their real techniques brushes, the offer is still on so check that out if you like! usually I have been hesitant to spend so much on one makeup brush because I can’t really afford it right now but with this offer I got 1 and another one for half the price then split the money between me and my cousin so it worked out a great deal cheaper!

So far I have been loving this brush! It isn’t only great for applying foundation but concealer as well and even for contouring!! The bristles are super soft and compact which makes it easier to apply bronzer and highlighter precisely where you want it when you contour! I’d say it is similar to the echo tools buffing brush which I had in the set of mini eco tools brushes!

I definitely recommend this brush It gives me a great finished look on my face after I use it to apply foundation which is what I mostly use it for! I do occasionally switch between this and the real techniques miracle complexion sponge but all in all this is an amazing brush, worth the price and if you don’t have it already and are looking for a good brush this is what you need! It is £9.99 from boots and I give it a rating of 8/10!!

I’ll post again soon!



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