April favourites!!


Hey guys!!! So it’s that time of the month again where I share with you guys the items I have been loving this month! I wasn’t sure i would get this up today because i have been stressing a lot with exams and coursework deadlines ugh! but anyway i have managed to complete my favourites so without further a do lets go straight into my April favourites!!


First of all I have been loving the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. It is the best skin care product I have purchased for a long time! It removes my waterproof makeup effortlessly! I love this so much and the bottle says I should get 200 uses out of it so the fact it is long lasting is great because makeup wipes run out quite quickly but I know this will last me a while! It feels just like water but obviously it isn’t because water wouldn’t remove my makeup the way this does!


Next I have been loving my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, I have never been one for applying foundation with a brush I have always used a makeup sponge but I absolutely love how soft this is and it is great for applying my foundation! I’m so glad i purchased a brush! I am planning to do a review on this soon so I won’t go into depth about why I love it but it is absolutely amazing! Boots currently have a buy one get one half price on a few Real Techniques brushes which is why I picked it up so check that offer out!


The Benefit Roller Lash Mascara is also another favourite this month! I reviewed this just the other week so if you want to find out why I love it just click here! It lifts my lashes like nothing ever has before!! I have finally found my holy grail mascara!!


Another thing I have been loving isn’t really a product it’s something I made myself. Lemon and strawberry infused water! If you live in the UK you will know about how gorgeous the weather has been recently! So when the sun is out my mum always adds some lemons or limes into the jug of water that is on the table when we have our tea so I have began putting strawberries and lemons in my bottle of water daily, I do eventually end up with bits in my water so I am hoping to get a proper detox water bottle but so far I love the flavour of this and how refreshing it is! I definitely recommend you try it out! (the picture is not my own)


This might be a little unusual but another favourite is YouTube, not just for this month but since I started it. I find it so fun making videos and editing them! Especially vlogs they’re so fun to look back on!. I am so glad I started YouTube, It’s just an escape from reality i guess, wow that was deep… haha! I hope I get far with it and my blogging it’s a whole different world with so many different options and pathways I am so glad I joined the Blogesphere and YouTube! If you’d like to have a look at my channel you can find it here! 


My next favourite is a TV show I started watching this month and have been loving!! It is 90210! It’s a great show based on teenagers living in Beverly Hills and their daily drama with school, drugs, relationships and secrets! It’s so interesting! I have nearly finished season 1, i want to binge watch it but I don’t want it to end quickly haha!

My current music favourites are:

Daughtry – Waiting For Superman


M.O – Dance On My Own!

So that is everything I have been loving this month!! I definitely think you should have a listen to my music favourites! Especially dance on my own, It is very up beat and puts me in a great mood! Let me know in the comments one thing you have been loving this month!

I’ll post again soon lovelies!

but bare with me because of exams 😦



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