*The Body Jewellery Shop Gorgeous Earrings!


Hey guys! So recently i received these gorgeous earring samples from The Body Jewellery Shop and let me tell you! They have some amazing ear piercing jewellery products! There are too many to chose from!

I received these dark blue dice earrings i absolutely love these! I was expecting them to be quite big but i was so relieved when i received them! They’re the perfect size and i am really happy to have received them!

Next i have the jewelled square pink earrings, these are probably my favourite out of the 3 pairs i received! They’re a gorgeous pastel pink shade and super cute! They go with most my outfits and i have worn them a lot since i received them!

Last but not least, i have the jewelled blue heart earrings, these again i really love! they’re stunning and the light, sparkling, shade of blue is gorgeous! I am so happy to have received these!

I do have my ears pierced twice so when i can’t decide between the gorgeous light blue jewelled hearts or the stunning pink jewelled squares i can wear them both yay!!

BeFunky Collage

Also shoutout to Relentlessly Red and The Chic Life

These are 2 amazing bloggers that nominated me for 2 awards, the liebster award and the creative blogger award but i have already received those awards in the past so i won’t be doing a post for them again however be sure to check out their amazing blogs!



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