Gift from a Blogger!


Hey guys, so before i get into this post i just wanted to say one of the reasons i started blogging was yes because i had a passion for beauty and fashion but it was also something i could do to keep some happiness in my life, school isn’t something i particularly enjoy and i don’t exactly have a lot of friends either so blogging was a whole new world where i knew i’d meet many other people who have a passions for stuff like beauty and fashion just like me! I love all bloggers and it’s so much fun making friends with you guys so i just wanted to say i am so grateful for all of you who follow my blog and those who view it and support me ❤

Now on with the post, i think a week or 2 ago i posted a wishlist and on that wishlist was the benefit roller lash mascara. I didn’t think may people would often acknowledge my posts or comment on them let alone actually gift me something that was on my wishlist! An amazing fellow beauty blogger, myclosetisfull saw my post and told me she had a sample of the mascara i wanted that she hadn’t used and didn’t want and she offered to send it to me! I can’t even explain how happy i was! I don’t think this sample version is even available here in the UK anymore! We contacted each other and she posted it to me. Today i had a pretty rough day at school but when i got home i found the package waiting on my bed! I was super excited to open it! Not only was there the benefit roller lash mascara but there was also a cute smaller envelope inside which contained a cute card with a cute message!


The packaging is super cute as you can see below!


Thank you so much to Ali for sending me this! you guys should all check out her blog she has amazing posts and give her a follow too!!

I’ll review this mascara soon!

Keep smiling 🙂



2 thoughts on “Gift from a Blogger!

  1. myclosetisfull says:

    I’m really glad you like it! I would rather give something away to someone who really wants it, rather than to someone who may just throw it in a pile of a whole bunch of other samples to try 🙂 You’re too sweet in your post. Enjoy!


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