Creative Blogger Award!!

Thank you so much to jamieslifediary for nominating me for this award! She has an amazing blog you should definitely check it out!

The rules for this award are:

1. thank the blogger who has nominated you by tagging them in your post.

2. Write 5 facts about yourself.

3. Nominate as 15-20 bloggers for the award(any amount really)

4. Notify your nominees you have nominated them.


1. I have had a passion for beauty every since i was younger because my mum is a beautician and used to have her own beauty salon where i’d beg her to let me help out! obviously that didn’t work i was only 6/7 haha 😀

2. 5 youtubers that inspire me are Niki and Gabi Demartino, Gabriella Lindsley, Cioobellla and obviously ZOELLA!!

3. When i was younger i said i wanted to own a sweetshop when i grow up but put a closed sign on the door and eat all the sweets, haha!

4. There’s nothing i look more forward to than leaving school in a few months!

5. I’d happily live off lettuce!

I Nominate:









I couldn’t think of anymore to nominate but if anyone would like to do this i nominate you! These are some of my favourite bloggers so definitely check out their blogs!



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