Thinking Of Purchasing Thursday!

Hey guys! So in this post i’m going to talk about the top 3 productsI’ve been considering purchasing!
Untitled (Recovered)1. Benefit Roller Lash Mascara, I have tried so many different mascaras and i still haven’t found the right one for me 😦 My eyelashes are straight and small so no matter how much mascara I apply they are either the same or clumped up there’s no in between! I have seen many good reviews on this mascara and the brush looks similar to a really good Loreal one i used i while ago which unfortunately got discontinued so I would really love to buy this mascara! It is £19.50 from boots which is pricey for me to be spending on a mascara but hopefully I might get this soon!

as2. Urban Decay Naked Basics Eye shadow Palette, I know this has been out for a while and a lot of people have it but being 16 and having a job that’s part time doesn’t pay much so i can’t really afford to splurge on high street products before, during or after the hype of them. I’d love this palette with it’s natural shades that i could blend together in my everyday look! I would just love to have this!

qaws3. Soap and Glory Supercat Eyeliner Pen Carbon Black Extreme, If you guys saw my makeup monday post you’ll know i absolutely love eyeliner! I’m still on an adventure for my holy grail eyeliner and i haven’t hand any really good experiences with one’s I’ve used in the past 3 months. I did use a felt pen one like this before but it dried up really quick so i never re-purchased it. I saw a really good review on this from a great blogger the other day which you can find here, which assured me this eyeliner will last long. I will definitely purchase this next time i am shopping, it’s only £6.00 so i think i will give it a go!

Hope you guys enjoyed this insight into some products I’d really like to purchase!



9 thoughts on “Thinking Of Purchasing Thursday!

  1. yourfacebutbetter says:

    My friend works at benefit and she loves roller lash! She says it’s the best mascara from benefit. I definitely need more matte eye shadows so the naked pallette is a must buy! And I love soap and glory I have this eyeliner and it’s great for a dramatic liner! Xxx

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  2. myclosetisfull says:

    I know this sounds weird, but I have an unused sample version if you want it (it’s legit never used/still in the paper packaging and everything! I can send you a pic via email) of the Rollerlash. I got the sample in my Birchbox this month, but I don’t use Benefit’s products (I’m recently only buying cruelty-free products, but that’s another story). I was going to just give it away to one of my friends but I can pop it in the mail if you want. I know that probably sounds crazy! Haha but email me if you’re interested. Email address is on my “About Me” page. I have leftover packing supplies from my last giveaway 🙂

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