Tester Tuesday!!


Hey guys! So for my second post this week it is Tester Tuesday!! I’ve decided to do a review on the Lush Brazened Honey Face Mask which I recently purchased and tried out for the first time!

This face mask was £6.50, i was really hesitant at first because I’ve never spent that much on a face mask but i thought i may as well give it ago as I’ve never been disappointed by Lush! after using it i can say it is definitely worth the price!


I have used it 3 times so far and was told I’d get 5/6 uses out of it. I put a thin layer of it on my skin and left it for 10 minutes and let me tell you! it was amazinggg!! I was shocked by how soft it left my skin feeling! I have dry skin as i have eczema so when explaining this to a staff member at Lush i received amazing customer service! I was recommended 2 face masks that would benefit me and decided to choose this one, it doesn’t smell or look too good but the effect it has is unbelievable! My skin was insanely soft! After using it my sister even told me it looked like i had foundation on when i had no make up whatsoever!

I think i will definitely be re-purchasing this face mask once I’ve ran out which i didn’t think i would, i saw it as a one of splurge on a pricey face mask but the results i got from it are what has made me want to re-purchase it! I really do recommend this especially to anybody with dry skin! I give it a 5/5!!

That’s all for now but I’ll post again tomorrow 😀



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