Insight/Coming Soon Beauty Posts!!


Helllooooo my beautiful readers!! I don’t think I’ve posted for 2 days and unfortunately i won’t be posting for almost a week now 😦 I recently hit 100 followers, thank you all so much for following my blogs! liking and giving feedback on my posts! it really means a lot to me! Anyway because of that i have decided next week i will be post something everyday from Monday to Friday! Each day will be beauty related so here’s a little insight into what they’re about!

Make up Monday! – for this i will post my make up essentials, the minimum things i love and constantly use!

Tester Tuesday! – For this i will be reviewing a new product i recently tried out for the first time!

What to wear Wednesday! – For this i will be doing another outfit post, you can find similar ones in the fashion section on my blog, this will be for a evening/going out kind of look!

Thinking of purchasing Thursday! – For this i will list the top 3 products I’ve been considering purchasing for a while.

Favourites Friday! – I do a monthly favourites post but for this one i will just talk about my current favourites. One will be beauty related, one fashion related, one hair related and my current favourite song!

I am super excited for these posts! I will spend this week getting pictures, editing and creating the posts ready for you guys to see next week!

I’ll post soon lovelies!



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