Mothers Day Present Ideas!

sadfgHey guys! so as we all know mothers day is coming up soon! this weekend actually, so i though i would do a post on ideas for what you could purchase for you mother! Now i do think the simplest things mean the most, you don’t need to spend excessive amounts off money to make your mum smile, it’s the small things that mean the most:

  • Give her a day of peace, if you have siblings which you argue with a lot then refrain from that.
  • Breakfast in bed! So easy and will make her smile! Add a cute rose or something small to the breakfast tray as well!
  • A pamper day!
  • Make some cute cupcakes for her or heart shaped cookies, you could even make them with her!
  • Make 10 personalised cards each with a reason as to why you love your mum, they’ll make her day!

If you would like to buy her something then here are a few ideas for what you could purchase:

  • Bath bombs! They’re great if you’re going for the pamper day! Lush have a mothers day range of products or you could just buy a few individual products.
  • Candles! These could be used in the bath to give your mum a bit of time to relax.
  • Chocolate! you could maybe get her a box of her favourite chocolates! A Cadbury’s milk tray? Thornton’s selection box? Whatever your mum loves!
  • You could purchase a basket and fill it with all your mums favourite goodies! Sweets, chocolates, a cute teddy whatever you think would make her smile!
  • A lovely bunch of flowers!
  • You could get a photo put in a pretty frame of you, your mum and siblings or just you and your mum if you don’t have any siblings. You could even get this photo put in a key ring so she can have it on her keys and it’s with her wherever she goes!
  • A personalised mug! you could by a plain mug and get some suitable markers and write a cute message or draw a cute picture on it.
  • You could go out for a meal with your mum and give her a good night out maybe take her shopping as well!

They’re a few ideas i can suggest! i believe personalised gifts are the best!

For my mum i bought:

A ready made basket that contains a shower gel, body lotion, bath soap and a small pink bath scrub from the card factory.

An I love strawberry and cream bubble bath and an I love raspberry and blackberry bubble bath. These were from primark but superdrug also sell them.

An eye mask with diamantes and pretty eyelashes on it to show closed eyes. Also from primark.

Away from the pamper theme haha!

A floral notebook which says ‘mum’s notebook’ on it and comes with a pen. This was from the card factory, my mum makes notes wherever she goes so it is something i know she will really use!

A tube of love heart sweets because she loves them and of course a mothers day card from the card factory!


Hope this post helped you on what you could get your mum if you have been stuck for ideas!

Let me know in the comments what you’ve got your mum for mothers day!



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