February Favourites


Hey guys! so February is coming to an end! wow that flew by! here’s a few things I’ve been loving this month!


The first 3 of my favourites are:

The Hollister Crescent Bay Mist

Zoella Blistful Mistful

Zoella Creamy Madly Dreamy Body Lotion(sorry  forgot to include it in the picture!)

1. This spray smells amazing! It’s lasted me months now but I have definitely been loving it this February! It has such a sweet smell! The link does show a different packaging for this mist but it’s exactly the same content and if you purchased it from the Hollister store I’m sure this bottle is still available for £11!

2. My second favourite is the one and only Zoella’s mist perfume! This is such a great product it smells amazing! I did purchase It about 2 weeks ago but I’m loving it and it stood out to me with all the products I own so I’ve included in my favourites! it’s a must have, smells soooo good and its £8 at superdrug!

3. My third favourite is also a zoella product! her body lotion leaves me speechless. Using it after a shower to hydrate my skin leaves my skin feeling soft and smelling really nice! it is an amazing body lotion! This is also from superdrug for £5, so cheap yet so good! I apologise for forgetting to include it in the picture but you can see it in the main picture that has all my favourites in it.


My next 2 favourites are:

Makeup Revoloution Redemption Palette Iconic 3

Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipstick Nude

4. This eyeshadow palette is beyond amazing! I would class this as a dupe for the naked palette, the eyeshadows are really pigmented and go well on my eye lids! there is a good variety of shades from light nude to shimmers to dark smokey shades. It was only £6 which is unbelievable! such good quality definitely worth it and again this is from superdrug.

5. Another makeup revolution product! I love their beauty products as they are so cheap yet have such good quality, this lipstick was only £1!! I get a nice, smooth, nude finish on my lips. definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a cheap, good quality, nude lipstick! I did do a review on this here so check that out!


my next favourite is:

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

This, as you know, was in my January favourites. I absolutely love this product! who needs brushes? I get a perfect, even foundation look with this sponge! It is one of the best beauty blender dupes. It’s my holy grail foundation applicator! I definitely recommend it, it’s only £5.99 and again this is from superdrug. This is one of the best beauty products I have ever purchased! I also have a tutorial on keeping it clean here


Last but not least, my final february favourite:

Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm – Cherry Me

Yes I am kinda late… there was a huge hype about  these Maybelline lip balms so I thought I’d finally try it out and it’s really good! super hydrating and actually tastes nice too haha! I’ve been loving this the majority of this month and think I will continue to re-purchase this when it runs out! it’s only £2.99 from boots which is so affordable and it is a really good lip balm!

Hope you guys enjoy these favourites!

If you would like to see my February favourites on my YouTube channel then you can watch it below

i’ll post again soon:)



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