Cute Outfit Idea!

pastel shirts

Hey guys so I’ve put together this super cute outfit that you might like it! it’s great for going out shopping, on a date or when you want to wear something cute and comfy! It also looks great for summer!

1. The Coral Lace Tie Front Top from select for only £8.99! The coral coloured lace material looks really pretty and doesn’t just look cute but comfy as well!

2. The Mint Green Lace Tie Front Top also from select for £8.99! I had to put both these tops in because I couldn’t decide which looked cuter! They both go with the outfit and add a nice simple but of pretty colour.

3. The Evie Low Rise Skinny Jeans for £12.99 from boohoo! one of my favourite online stores full of great clothing! The gold buttons look super nice too and look better than just wearing plain white jeans.

4. The Lydia Top Handle Day Bag for £15.00 goes perfectly with this outfit! The whit matches the light colour theme throughout the outfit and is the perfect size for wherever you’re going!

5. The White Lace Ballet Pumps from new look for £9.99(sorry if you can’t see them clearly in the image because they’re white) what’s a cute outfit without cute shoes to complete it?! the lace on these match well with the lace on the top! They match everything perfectly!

Hope you all like this my beautiful readers! I’ll post soon! sorry I haven’t posted often I have exams for the next 2 weeks but hopefully after that i’ll be posting regularly again!

also I need some questions please as I am doing a Q&A vlog!

keep smiling 🙂



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