Lush Rose Bubble Bar Review!


Hey Guys! so recently I purchased this AMAZING Rose Bubble Bar from Lush! Surely everyone knows what Lush is! It’s a super popular and my favourite bath store! ranging from luscious bath bombs and bubble bars to great face masks and skin care products that give flawless results!

So I used this bubble bar by rubbing it under the running bath water and within seconds my bath began endlessly filling with bubbles! As they say big things come in small packages, I didn’t expect to get so many bubbles in one bubble bar and it was a bargain price of £2.95!! I would definitely re-purchase this bubble bar and I 110% definitely recommend it! The bath looked and smelt amazinggg and that would be just an understatement of how good it was!



Let me know in the comments if you’ve used the bubble bar and your opinion on it!

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I’ll post soon!



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