Makup Revolution Amazing Lipstick Nude Review!

lipstick review

Hey guys! so if you saw my wishlist you would have seen this makeup revolution amazing lipstick nude on there! I went shopping at the weekend and whilst I was at superdrug I purchased the lipstick for just £1.00!

If I’m honest I have quite dry lips at the moment due to the cold weather so when trying it, it didn’t go on as well as it would do if my lips weren’t dry/chapped so I just tested it on my wrist, it was a nice, nude, natural shade that would perfect for an everyday look. I do recommend it especially for the bargain price! I’d suggest using a lip liner would be good in order to gain great results!

If anyone does purchase it comment and let me know what you think! Superdrug also have many other shades in the makeup revolution lipstick collection at the same bargain price!

* I also have a question, if I were to start a YouTube channel linked to my blog who would watch it? and also give me ideas of what kind of posts you would like to see from me on here!



5 thoughts on “Makup Revolution Amazing Lipstick Nude Review!

  1. madelinemarie says:

    Fun! You should definitely do a YouTube channel…would be a great way to reach more readers and a fun new outlet for creativity! 🙂


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