Casual Outfit Idea!

outfit idea

Hey! so I put together this cute outfit perfect for a blogger! Hope you like it!

1.This super cute Grey Pin Blog Tweet fitted t-shirt is the first part of this outfit! Whether you love pinning, blogging or tweeting it’s perfect for you! It looks really comfy and is £16.00 from River Island.

2. To add to this casual look is black high waisted leggings seen as though we’re not in summer yet these leggings will do a great job of keeping you warm! £10.00 and also from River Island!

3. You definitely need a comfy pair of shoes to go with this outfit and nothing goes better than BLONDE & BLONDE suze slip on canvas pumps they’re easy to just slip on as you leave the house! £16.00 from BANK.

4. Last but not least, to complete the look is a black snakeskin quilted panel shopper bag it goes with the outfit and I just the right size if you’re going out on a shopping trip or even for college! You can definitely fit your essentials in it and still have space for anything else. This bag is £19.99 from new look.

This whole outfit is great for when you just need to put together something cute and casual in a short amount of time, it’s effortless but still looks great!



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