Hey so here is my first wishlist! I tried to include products I really want but with a variety of price ranges so it’s not all super expensive stuff that would take forever to save up for! Hope you enjoy reading this!

1. To start of is the Clarisonic Mia 2 Sonic Cleansing System in pink! okay so it’s £125 from boots which for me is quite expensive, it may not be for others, but it is something I really want! It has so many great reviews, most people who have tried it really recommend it and I really think it would benefit my skin. If I do get one of these I will definitely do a review. It’s also in the shade pink, I don’t normally go for pink with a lot of things especially this light a shade but I think it looks super cute and definitely looks better in pink but there are also a white and a black version.

2. Next is the Too Faced Natural Eye Palette it’s £20.30 at Debenhams and was £29.00 I think that’s a fab offer! I really like natural shades on my eyes and I’m still looking for some nice shades to wear on a daily basis so I think this palette would be for me! It’s also good quality as it’s a too faced product and most of their products are well recommended, I am going to make sure I save up and purchase this!

3. I absolutely love Zoella!!! Her beauty product line seems amazing but one thing I definitely want to purchase from it is the Zoella Blissful Mistful 45ml perfume, such a great name for a perfume! The bottle looks super adorable and if it smells just as good as it looks how could I say no? It’s just £7.00 at boots I think next time I’m shopping I need to make sure I purchase this!

4. Now I have been looking for a good, cheap, nude lipstick for a while and the Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipstick Nude is only £1.00 at superdrug! I will definitely buy this and do a review! A nude lipstick is just the right thing for an everyday natural look!

5. Last but not least is the Rimmel London Wake Me Up Concealer I still haven’t found my holy grail concealer yet so I’ve tried a few and I have seen a few reviews and know a few people that recommend this one. This is another thing I will make sure I purchase and hopefully it works wonders for me! It’s only £5.49 at boots so it’s not too pricey either. I have found Rimmel London products really work well for me so I hope I have the same success with the concealer!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my wishlist and I’ve helped you in anyway with finding some good products! I’ll post again soon lovelies



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