New jazooli 32 piece makeup brush kit!


So last week I found an offer on groupon for these amazing brushes, 32 brushes for £9.99!! I ordered them and they arrived on Friday, I used a few this morning to apply my makeup, I haven’t used them all yet but so far I’m pleased, they have all sorts of brushes: eyebrow brush&comb, eyeshadow brushes, eye liner brushes, contour brushes, foundation brushes and much more! There’s an angled gel liner brush I’m keen to use, the brush feels like it could create a perfect winged eyeliner! 1 or 2 brushes did have a few of the bristles fall out but not much they’re still perfectly usable.

I’d rate these brushes a 7.5/10 and I haven’t even used all of them yet! They’re great to purchase if you’re a beginner discovering your makeup passion but don’t want to buy brushes too expensive, amazing kit I’m really impressed.

You can purchase these brushes from groupon and amazon.

Hope you like my product review, comment if you’d like me to do more reviews on beauty products I own

Thanks lovelies



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